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The forms on this page should be filled out and filed with the RVSA when establishing or altering a sewer connection within the RVSA service area.

Sewer Connection Application 0-2000 GPD

Sewer Connection Application 2001-7999 GPD

NJDEP Flow Connection Calculations and Criteria

RVSA Sewer Connection Application Policy

INDIRECT USER DISCHARGE PERMIT APPLICATION- should be filed by all indirect and industrial users of the RVSA system. Please click here for instructions on how to complete this application.

NJDEP TWA - When an NJDEP Treatment Works Application (TWA) needs to be filed (applications exceeding 8000 GPD or as otherwise outlined in the NJDEP regulations), the forms should be obtained directly from the NJDEP. TWAs must be filed with the Authority by the first Thursday of the month, in order to be considered for action in that month. Any application received after the first Thursday of the month will automatically be deferred to the following month for consideration. The Application fee, payable to Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority, for a TWA is $250.00.

When an amendment to the RVSA's Wastewater Management Plan and/or Service Area Map is required, the Authority has established a fee of $750.00 to cover costs associated with making such changes. Said fee should be submitted with the appropriate NJDEP Treatment Works Application (TWA) or STEP Application.

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